From: Kelly Burnell					
Subject: corpse

Fucking brilliant!!!  Let us know of any up dates, please.

Subject: Radio Show

We do a Radio Show on The Howard Stern station in Los Angeles
and would  like to talk to you about your site on the air.  If you're
interested please call Malibu Dan at 213-xxx-xxxx,


Subject:"Would You Believe It!!" 

I would be interested in featuring your work in the 2002/2003 series
of "Would You Believe It", now in its 6th season on Discovery Channel
(US) as well as in dozens of international markets.  If you are
interested, please contact me via email or at the U.S. phone
number below. In the first instance, I would like to know where
you are located so we can determine it you are within the 
production area(s) for our pending shoot (Spring 2002).

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Big Cat/Tintagel Productions

Subject: Vampire Hunters Kit

Dear Sir: 

I am producing a horror film called "G-String Vampire." It will be
shot in January in Florida. I'm interested in using your Vampire
Hunter's kit in the film as part of a barter arrangement. 

The movie will be distributed worldwide on home video and DVD
in stores such as Sam Goody and Blockbuster Video and will
receive airings on Pay-Per-View and (possibly) broadcast cable.
Check out Seduction Cinema's site. I look forward to hearing from
Timothy O'Rawe
Producer - "G-String Vampire"

Subject: NOW TV 

We would like to feature your site on the NOW Television Service,
which is broadcast by satellite in Asia and North Africa and streamed
over the Internet worldwide. You can find out more about us from our

We look forward to hearing from you!

Very kind regards
Charlotte Wilcox
Network of the World

From: Jenny							
Subject: Corpses

Your corpses are beautiful.. I am sure I have never seen anything
quite like it before. I have just done cadavers in school, but they 
stink and are slimy. Ick. Keep up the good work?

Subject: URGENT, Your site in Yahoo Internet Life

I wanted to let you know that your site will be mentioned in the June
98 issue of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine. We would like permission
to reproduce one of the images you have on line. Please let me know
if this is OK Would you possibly be able to email us a higher res
image of the elderly woman holding the crying baby?
(Is this a  reference to the Frank Zappa album cover with the
screaming babies??)
Full details..... You will be in the Review Section of the magazine
with other horror sites.
Gail Henry
Yahoo Internet Life Magazine
212. xxx-xxxx

Subject: Success in cyberspace 

Your company, Corpses for Sale, was recently mentioned in the
MSNBC article "Mom-and-pop shops: success in cyberspace" by
Teri Goldberg. As the President of a small Internet-based business,
like yourself, I found it very refreshing to see that not only are
small businesses thriving, they are doing so by adhering to 
old-fashioned business values. Of course, you have also
captured quite a niche market as well! 

Best regards and continued success,

From: Kendall A. Waggoner	 			
Subject: way

Congradulations,you've come a long ways,and improved your 
web site 100% since the Nov.1996 listing in Yahoo Internet Life.

From: Nash Entertainment				
Subject: NBC Television Show

Hi, I'm writing from L.A.  I work on a new NBC show You Asked
For It.  I came across your website but couldn't find a phone 
number.  I'd like to speak with you about your company so that
we could possibly showcase it on our program.
 Please call me at 323/xxx-xxxx or email me.

Thanks for your time.  I'll look forward to hearing from you.
Matt Beirne
Segment Producer

Subject: Interesting product

Without a doubt, this is the most interesting tangible product I've
seen online. Do you do pretty well with it?
Your graphics are excellent! A very nice web site overall.
I'd love to own a corpse or a head one day...


From: David O'Rourke					
Subject: terminal

Mate I haven't laughed so much in a long did
you get Joan Collins to model for you?
Good work. 
Auckland, New Zealand

From: Opie The Intern     				
Subject: Radio interview A.K.A. Free advertising! 

I'm "Opie The Intern" from The Liz Wilde show
( ). A friend of mine showed me your site
and I thought it was GREAT. I mentioned it to the shows' host and
she said "You have to get them on the show for an internview!"
So, here is my plea to get you on the show. You can listen to it
directly from the website 12-3 PM Monday through Friday. Please
mail me back and let me know if you are willing to do it or not.
Thank you

Subject: My order

First I would like to say thank you for the gift you sent along with
my stuff. I just received my order today, and I cant wait to start 
building my own corpse. Oh and damn good job on the "Fly ball"
the kids were grossed out as soon as it came out of the box. Keep
up the good work and look for my next order in the near future.
Troy Erickson

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