From: Aaron Stroud 			To:
Subject: Yes you are one sick Motherfucker

How you could be into looking at dead corpses is beyond me.

From: kathyrn sasso 			To:

I cannot believe what degenerates there are in this world.  That is 
the sickest fucking website I have ever seen, and I am sure
whoever you are, you are a severly sick fuck. The baby pictures
were a real nice touch!   

From:			To:
Subject: sick, very sick

The site was amusing, untill I saw the pictures with the Baby.
Anyone who would subject an innocent child to something so brutally
disgusting,needs to be shot.  
You sick bastard.


From: Jerrie Smith			To:
Subject: SICK

     What the hell!!!!!!

From: DeLunah 				To:
Subject: your web page

What kind of sick bastard are you? Everything was cool until I saw
the image with the baby.......that's wrong....and we wonder why our
children are shooting their classmates.......

From:			To:
Subject: sick fuck!!!

I am embarrased to have the same name as yours you sick fuck. Get
a life instead of making fun of dead ones.

                                        eat shit loser

From: FCA					To:
Subject: your site "stinks"

This website is so twisted and demented. your site sucks

From: Colin					To:
Subject: you suck

you are a twisted bastard, don't get me wrong i don't condone much,
but you are a sick mother fucker! you need to get your shit straight
- knock this shit off it's gross as hell.

From: josh kugler 			To:

Your Fucking Sick! Get some fucking help, FAST.

From: Kenny Brakefield			To:
Subject: Your Website

You are a sick bastard that has no life and has to post nasty
pictures on the web.....Especially with corpses of children.....
"Remembering Mama".....I will put you on a website like yours
when you die.....

From: BigJIM        			To:

this whole page is sick, and it takes a lot to grose me out.  I
will never forget this, where in the hell did you get these pictures?

From: Candi Rhodes  			To:

Your one fuking SICK BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: bid   				To:
Subject: baby

I liked your site until I saw those baby pictures.  How  could you do
that to the poor baby!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you know how traumatizing that
must be!??!!? Fuck you.

From: FUDGE68 				To:
Subject: sick

the baby corpse photos are really sick,  how the hell couldyou put
a baby in a corpes arms?  sick motherfuckers

From: u?e!!					To:
Subject: What did you make the corpse with?


U have no Job?

Fuck UU!!

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