Build a lifesize, realistic, decaying corpse in the privacy of your own home.

This Step By Step Manual includes options for installing Lights into the eye sockets, cabling the mouth to open and close using a cable controlled handle and Life Casting. All materials can be bought at local Hardware and Hobby stores. If your favorite Hobby store doesn't supply some of the needed materials then you may have to visit a Theatrical Supply Shop or even your local dentist. In case you can't find the materials you need there is a list of on-line suppliers included in the back of the manual.

You don't need any prior experience or great artistic talent. This manual will guide you through each process, step by step, giving you many tricks and techniques along the way to help ensure your corpse is realistic in every detail.

From:Kevin Alvey     	   			
Subject: How To Build A Corpse

Thank you,
I will be taking your "How to build a Corpse" with me to demonstrate
a "how to" on corpsification at a conference. I will show your book
as a good resource.
GORE GALORE and so much more
Kevin R. Alvey AKA Mr. Gore
phone 812-424-XXXX

WARNING: Displaying a corpse in public may break some County laws.

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