I recieved the corpse a couple hours after i emailed you. 
it looks fucking wonderful! You are a corpse-god!
 thank you
                       dax garner 

Subject: (no subject)

Hi!  My name is Robbie Beck and I am currently doing props on a
television series calles "Dawson's Creek", shooting in Wilmington,
NC. I saw your web page and you have some excellent corpses
that I could definitely use for our next episode.  We will pay all
shipping costs and  rush charges if applicable.
Please contact me via email at, or 
page me(even quicker) at (910)-xxx-xxxx, or call my office
at (910)-xxx-xxxx and they wil page me.  
Thanks for your help in this matter.  Robbie

From: Anthony Ivankovich                    	
Subject: Corpse Order 

I received the corpse! It is soooooooo awesome!!! Thanks!! My parents
got a riot out of it. My dad drove it home sitting in the front 

Subject: lady is here!!!

Dear Mr. Di Stefano:
    My order was on the front porch when I got home after lunch. I am
very pleased and delighted with your work; you are very talented. 
    I would certainly recommend your work to anybody if they were as
nuts as I am or for any theatrical reason. 
 Best of luck to you in your business.
 Sincerely, Ernie Smith

From: Erik Strommen 					
Subject: Corpse

Hi Jaime!
"Hugo" (our new wine steward) arrived the day before Halloween.  

He IS fabulous.  Your workmanship is first rate.  He is  truly nasty
looking. He is taller than you had said, and  thus a bit imposing
- a good thing if you are a corpse, I think.  :) 

Anyway, worth every penny, for sure. Feel free to send my name
 to anyone else who wants a reference.
Thanks for making my holiday deadline, and best wishes
for success in the future!

From: Matt Richardson      				

Hey there,
Received my corpse today -- He's great!
Excellent work and thank you very much!
Matt Richardson

From: Lisa Livermore 					
Subject: Corpse

  Oh my God! My corpse is SO amazing! You were not kidding me when
you said my corpse will look even more realistic in person. I am 
impressed with your creative talents and will definitely order more 
corpses in the near future. He will be a huge hit at my Halloween bash
this year and years to follow. My guests will enjoy having their
picture taken with him. He's a heart stopper, and takes your breath
away that's for sure!
 Thanks again for finding an old Double breasted tux. 
He looks so killer!

Thank you!
Lisa Livermore

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