Salem Death Warrant

Salem, Massachuchetts: 1692

Authentic reproduction of the rare Salem Death Warrants issued in the summer of 1692 to officiate the execution of a witch. The magistrates, crimes and punishments are taken from actual documents with your name used in place of the accused.

The parchment has been treated to simulate the age and condition of a 300 year old document and the different styles of handwriting shows the various officals that contributed to the arrest, trial and execution of the witch.

Displayed in a 9 x 12 wood frame this offical looking death warrant is suitable for wall hanging and would be the pride of any Witch Hunter.

The Document starts: By order of the Chief Justice of the Court of Oyer & Terminer on this day 10th June, 1692, the Honorable William Stoughton finds the accused - your name here - guilty of the crimes of Heresy and Witchcraft and sentences her to death.

Some of her crimes include: "Causing aches and pains to her kin and kindred" and "possessing a devils mark on her left leg".

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