You're Arrested

Everybody knows that there is a grain of truth in everything. Therefore the accusations against you cannot be entirely false.

Something in them must be true. As in the traditional dictum of justice "in media veritas" the truth is always in the middle. The truth needs to be examined, so you are arrested. The grippers will visit you in the early morning when everyone is at home.

You are unlucky today. The deed you are charge with is called "maleficium", the magic deed. It's punished so severely that the spiritual court has no jurisdiction. This means you can't ask your pastor for help.

You are now standing in front of the local High Court. Have you ever been in court before? No matter, there is a first time for everything. Have a look out of the door where the slave-driver´s cart is going up to the gallow´s hill. You may recognize some of the villagers in the cart. Make the most of it: you won't have many chances to look outside again.

First you will ask by what law can you be arrested.

Artikel 44: 
If someone offers to teach magic, or if somebody threatens others
 with magic and if the threatened people receive like that, and if
 somebody has community with magicians and takes part in those
 things by reflexes, words and acts, and if somebody is suspected
 to do so, then that is a sufficient proof for magic and cause for
 the torture interrogation. 

Do you understand? In your case there is sufficient proof of magic simply because you are under suspicion.

Your neighbor is now standing in front of the table and starts clucking like a hen in the courthouse. We learn that you swore by the devil passionately when a heavy wagon wheel fell on your feet some days before. Furthermore, the roof of your neighbor's house is leaking and you are living next door to her. Now you are under official suspicion of a magic deed corresponding with Artikel 44

What do you say to these accusations?

I deny all accusations from this silly hill hen.
I refuse to aknowledge this nonsence. I say nothing.