Your Execution

With the help of God and the gracious court you gave a full confession and regretted all your terrible magic deeds. You now feel that you've done the right thing.

The further process is simple because there is no long term or complicated negotiation in the court and the public is excluded from the whole trial. You will be picked up from the tower and presented to the court, where your sentence will be announced. Of course it will be execution by fire because the maleficium is a "majesty crime".

Artikel 109: 
Who inflicts harm or disadvantage on people by magic should be
punished from life to death and such punishment should be done 
with the fire. 

You are lucky! Because of your overall confession and especially because of your deep and humble regret by giving up all your accomplices you have the chance to be pardoned. For that you may receive a pardon-slip for which you apply to the head of the court. The pardon is generous, listen carefully, you can either be hung or decapitated before the fire. This way you won't feel the heat as much.

Have a look from the window of the tower to the gallows hill and you'll see small huts of straw where magicians are to be burnt. The huts are to protect all spectators from the "evil eye" of the convicted.

Your own combustion is expensive and here in the dukedom Kurköln it is charged at your expense, to the tune of a whole year's income for the average person. After so many expensive malefice trials, the district of Hardt and others here have been financially ruined. That is why our prince-bishop, Ferdinand von Wittelsbach, has decided that the expenses of all malefice trials have to be covered by the property of the convicted and executed people or their relatives. The entire expense of a malefice trial is the price of a house. Naturally, only if you have caused no complications. Otherwise the costs can be more expensive.

If anything remains of your property this also will be confiscated as satisfaction for your magic deeds.

This is not a concern of yours now. Soon you will so see things from a higher point of view.