The Exorcism

You are now in the stage of exorcism in tribunal. Why? Because you could not refute the suspicion against you.

Look around in the court while waiting. On the walls you will find all those instruments that you get to taste if you remain so impertinent. On the floor there is the so called "dogs necklace", an iron collar with spikes inside. It will be placed around your throat. You'll also see wips for flagellation and the "crocodile jaw" to squeeze your shinbones.

Look above: two Franciscan monks, called by the court, have arrived with holy water. Their task is to ban the devil so that he can not interfere in the trial and you can confess everything. Their further task is to shear all your hair off, and that means all of it, everywhere. This is to avoid the little devils, hiding in secret parts of your body, from helping you in the interrogation and torture.

The Needle Check

First, there has to be an examination for the "stigma diaboli" on your body. That is a conspicuous mark on your skin which the devil has given you when you made the eternal union with him. The devil's mark will be detected if a dark mark on the skin does not bleed if pricked with a needle.

How did your needle Check go?

The Doktor Commissioner finds a skin mark that does not bleed.
The Doktor Commissioner is splattered with blood.