Step One: Torture

The commissioner could not find any part on your body that does not bleed.

But he is a well experienced and responsible lawyer. The truth has to come out and justice must go on. It is obvious that the devil is trying to avoid truth and justice by performing such tricks like making needles bleed in order to protect his servants.

Our commissioner can take the devil on. He gets his handkerchief and cleans one of the needles from blood. Now he has found a positive sample of the devils work. You know, magic is a "crimen exceptum", an extraordinary crime, and it is said that in such a case one has to continue even with extraordinary methods. You certainly understand that, right?

Your conviction as a magician, which is inevitable, needs the full-proof.

A half-proof is three testimonies of witnesses, like the one given by your neighbor. The needle check now together with her testimony is a half-proof. Now what is missing is the second half of the full-proof. That is your confession.

Now your arms are chained together over your head and you are pulled up to the ceiling while your feet are bound to a bar. One of the executioners jumps on it to increase the pressure on the limbs.

The arms will snap out of the shoulder as the weight gets to great. They say that some people never got cured afterwards and remained with paralized and crippled arms. Well, - until they were executed.

Behind the left window you will see a spectator watching from outside. In a few minutes he will run to the village to tell everybody that the court has found enough proofs of magic to get you in the torture interrogation. Then, many more people will remember that they had you under suspicion for a long time. Your neighbor will be glad.

Don't bother to argue or oppose the accusations. That would be further proof of devilish impenitence. One who is in the spirit of God will be modest and humble. There are already enough indications of magic against you and the court wants to know when, why and how you did your magic deeds.

Are you going to confess to your terrible crimes?

There is nothing to confess. This is ridiculous.
I had enough. I'll sing like a canary.