Step Two: Torture

You must have been crazy not to confess your magic deeds.

With this barefaced lie you have proved to be in union with the devil. Justice must, and will, overwhelm malefactors. That is why the second grade of the torture follows right now. The truth has to come out no matter how. So there is still the question, what magic outrages you did, but now in addition, who had been your accomplices.

They know you will give them the information they want because now is when the crocodile's jaw comes into action.

It is a wooden press with iron thorns inside. The press will be tightened step by step until the blood is squirting and the bone is cracking. If that happens, then you have only yourself to blame. There is nothing to it but to give up the names of your devilish accomplices. How about your neighbor? Isn't she really one of the members of the local devil's sect? Perhaps she has only given you up to the authorities to hide the fact that she herself is a devil's servant. That happens often.

Are you going to start naming your accomplices?

Yes, I will betray them all
No, I don't know anyone like that