Step Three: Torture

It's unbelievable that you just muttered that you will not say any names.

So the conclusion is, that you know names and that those people can perform magic like you.

Since your arrest in the morning only half a day has gone by so it's not a new torture, it is simply the continuation of the first one.

At least now you have some diversion. Now you are finally bearing the "dog's necklace". It has four rings that are to be tightened to the walls of the chamber. The collar has sharp iron spikes that press against your neck so you can't move. You may be asked to sit on a chair. The chair looks like a commode except instead of a chamber pot there are glowing charcoals. You now realize that you're going to be barbecued.

Just take it easy like the court officials in the chamber behind the door. They're playing cards and drinking wine. They are waiting for your confession so that they finally can go to lunch. That is, by the way, at your expense because it counts as a court cost. You're also paying for the chains are torture devices.

Are you finally going to give up your accomplices?

Yes, I will name them all
No, I don't know anybody