Custody in the Tower

Since you have not confessed your devilish outrages and have not given up all of your accomplices in Satan's sect you will have to be imprisoned in the tower until you see reason.

From time to time you will be picked up for several grades of severe interrogation. All the following tortures of interrogation are only the continuation of the first one. You will receive some breaks, but this will only prolong the torture and make it worse for you. If you do not die in the tower from your injuries you will confess eventually. So you might as well do it now.

Don't think that your family can bring you help from outside. Your family does not want to know you, otherwise they are in danger. According to new scientific research the disposition for magic is inherited and every unmasked magician brings his whole family under suspicion. You're on your own.

If you ever get the permission at all to exchange letters or to receive a visit then both will be supervised strictly.

You'll have to pay for your food during your custody. The landlord delivers the food. He will charge you for two hams and will deliver you one loaf of bread. He will charge you for two bottles of wine and will deliver one jug of water. The ham and wine money go to the court.

So, have you regretted all your magic outrages?

Yes, I have regretted them all
No, I know nothing about this