You are Accused

You have gone back in time to the 1630's. You are in the Holy German Reich: in Rheinbach near Bonn in the dukedom of Cologne.

You have an enormous problem. After years of quarrelling, the venomous female neighbor of yours has accused you, in public, of being a magician. The roof of her house is leaking again and you're to blame.

Well you may laugh now, but that will soon change.

You now have only two possibilities: 
1) you remain quiet to those accusations 
2) you fight against them 

- - If you remain quiet, your guilt is almost proved. By a traditional dictum of justice we learn: "qui tacet, concentiret", one who keeps silent, agrees.

- - If you fight against the accusations your guilt is likewise almost proved. The more actively you fight against them, the more suspicion you arouse. People will think: if that person is so eager to refute the charge, they must have a good reason.

Everyone knows "that God can never let an innocent person be accused in such a way." Therefore the conclusion is, that you are highly suspicious.

What are you going to do now?

I deny this foolish gossip. This is nonsence.
I refuse to say anything. This is all to crazy for me